Is New Glow Baptist Church A Real Church in Atlanta or a Scam?

New Glow Baptist Church is not a real church in Atlanta, but a Patreon account charging $11.99/mo for photos of seductively dressed women. New Glow Baptist Church markets their Patreon through their Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Is New Glow Baptist Church an Actual Church?

According to their Instagram and TikTok accounts, New Glow Baptist Church appears to be a legitimate church located in Atlanta, GA where you can come as you are. They boast having no dress code.

By all accounts, it looks like they’re a real church taking a racy approach to attracting new members, using images of near-naked women throughout their social media accounts. This has obviously been a big reason they’ve been able to grow to 60k followers so quickly.

But upon further investigation, there isn’t actually a church in Atlanta called New Glow Baptist Church. In fact, it’s just a Patreon account.

New Glow Baptist Church’s Patreon

Rather than being a real church, New Glow Baptist is just a Patreon account that posts inappropriate content for members for $11.99/mo. Their claim is that they’re sharing uncensored photos of “members of their church,” but this is obviously just part of their brand – it’s not a real Christian church and doesn’t have real members.

New Glow Baptist Church’s Patreon page has 38 images and 1 video – many of which appear to be AI generated images.

So not only is New Glow Baptist Church not a real church, it’s hardly a real organization.

AI Generated Content, Scams, and Deception Across the Web

AI, or artificial intelligence, can create very convincing fake images and videos, which is a serious problem on the internet. As technology becomes more advanced, these fakes can look incredibly real.

People with bad intentions can use these to spread false information, trick others, or make money in dishonest ways. These fake pieces of media can be spread quickly on social media, influencing people’s thoughts and actions before they’re identified as fakes.

This situation with New Glow Baptist Church in Atlanta (or not actually in Atlanta) can also decrease trust in real images and videos, as people might start doubting the authenticity of everything they see online. This is why it’s crucial we learn how to identify fake ploys and tactics to make things appear real. Christians and non-Christians alike must be on high alert for deceptions like the one New Glow Baptist Church poses.

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